Prior to the reorganization, the Barangay Secretariat and the Barangay Affairs were the offices that primarily catered the needs of the various barangays in the City. Pursuant to Executive Order No. 5 of 1993 reorganizing the City Government Office of Davao, the main functions of the said offices were integrated and transferred to the newly created Barangay & Cultural Communities Affairs Division with a larger scope of functions and responsibilities.

The Office has two sections, namely, the Administrative and the Operation. Under the Administrative Section are the Records and Correspondence Unit, Payroll and Leave Benefits, and Property and Supply Unit. The Operation section is composed of Barangay Youth Affairs Unit, Cultural Communities Affairs Unit, and the Special Program Coordinating Unit. These sections and their respective composing units are committed to execute instruction, programs, and projects of the City’s Chief Executive.

Our Vision-Mission

Barangay and Cultural Communities Affairs Division (BCCAD) is envisioned as the lead division of the City Mayor’s Office to serve as pipeline to executive instruction, programs and projects of the City’s chief executive designed to promote the welfare of all the component Barangays, the Tribal Minorities and Muslim Communities/Managed by responsible leader and empowered personnel and dedicated to sustain Barangay, Tribal and Muslim Communities growth & development.

Barangay and Cultural Communities Affairs Division (BCCAD) commits to effectively and efficiently realize its vision by selflessly serving Barangay Constituents as well as Tribal and Muslim Communities congruent to the principle and plans of the City’s chief executive.

Our Goals and Objectives

  1. To serve as a nerve center of information for the 182 barangays of Davao City;
  2. To cater the needs of the various barangays in Davao City;
  3. To maintain linkage and coordination with agencies/offices, non-government organization in the implementation of community-based programs and activities.

Who we Are


What We Do


  1. Caters the needs of 182 Barangays and Cultural and Muslim Communities in Davao City;
  2. Facilitates immediate requests for Social Welfare of the people in the Barangays;
  3. Assists and Advices on legal matters related to barangay activities which beset barangay officials/public officers.
  4. Directs/Supervises the personnel within the Division
  5. Oversees the day-to-day function of the Division


  1. Receives, logs and route all incoming communications and maintains a logbook of incoming and outgoing communications;
  2. Reproduce issuances, reading materials, bulletins and information for dissemination to the barangays.


  1. Coordinates specific programs for the Development of Cultural & Muslim Communities;
  2. Integrates the comprehensive plan of activities of the cultural communities with emphasis on the promotion of their culture;
  3. Formulate plans, implement and coordinate the activities of the youth groups in various barangays.
  4. Establishes records of the Barangay and Cultural Communities Affairs such as Barangay Profiling/Data Banking.
  5. Initiates/Assists in the implementation of the Special Programs of the City Mayor and other offices;